Find The Right Care Package For You

By understanding the importance of independence, our care teams are here to bring peace of mind and offer helping-hands to all seniors — even Veterans and those who may need long-term in-home care. By working with insurance companies and offering Veteran benefits, you can now get the care you are entitled too. From personal care to companion care, find the right care package for you.

Personal Care

Our Personal Care packages are designed to promote independence and freedom. With the capability to offer 24/7 around the clock care, our personalized service offerings are readily available to all seniors if or when they need them. 

A la carte services include:

  • Medication assistance
  • Blood sugar/blood pressure check
  • Pull cord/pendant call
  • Daily weight checks
  • Hearing aid assistance
  • Night check with pendant charging
  • Emptying ostomy bags
  • Lab paperwork
  • Escorts — round trip
  • Support hose assistance (on or off)
  • Oxygen assistance
  • Emergency linen change
  • Light meal prep
  • Grocery, linen, laundry assistance
  • Pet care service (feed, water, walk)
  • Basic wound assist
  • Long-term care insurance paperwork
  • Welcome escort package
  • Move-in package
  • Exercise package
  • 1:1 companion package
  • Post-hospital package

Our basic independent home care package includes:

  • Medication assistance up to 3x per day
  • Meal and activity reminders daily as needed
  • Wake-up and turn down service
  • Showering assistance 2x per week

Standard independent home care packages for seniors include:

  • Medication assistance up to 4x per day
  • Meal and activity reminders daily with escorts
  • Wake-up and turn down service
  • Toileting program & light incontinence care 4x daily
  • Shower assistance 2x per week

Premium packages include:

  • Medication assistance up to 4x per day
  • Meal and activity reminders daily with wheelchair escort if needed
  • Wake-up and turn down service/grooming assistance
  • Tolieting program and moderate incontinence care 6x daily
  • Shower assistance 2x per week
  • 2 room checks during the midnight shift

Elite packages include:

  • Medication assistance up to 6x per day
  • Meal and activity reminders daily with wheelchair escort if needed
  • Feeding assistance
  • Wake-up and turn down service/grooming assistance
  • Toileting program and full incontinence care 8x daily
  • Shower assistance 2x per week
  • Room checks every 2 hrs

Platinum packages include:

  • Medication assistance up to 6x per day
  • Meal and activity reminders daily with wheelchair escort if needed
  • Feeding assistance
  • Wake-up and turn down service/grooming assistance
  • Toileting program and full incontinence care 8x daily
  • Increased time for shower assistance 2x per week
  • Increased mobility assistance
  • Shower assistance 2x per week

Post Hospital Care

Post hospital care is perfect for seniors returning home after rehabilitation or a hospital stay. We provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) after a hospital discharge. Post hospital care services include a complimentary safety assessment in the seniors home or apartment.

Post hospital wellness packages are available in 30 day increments. Packages will vary depending on a senior’s current services with Laurus Home Care.

No Current Services
Seniors without current Laurus Home Care Services can choose 4 of the following post hospital care services:

  • Medication assistance
  • AM/ADL and PM/ADL
  • 4 Bathroom assists daily (if needed)
  • Meal escorts daily
  • 2 shower assists per week
  • Wellness checks every 4 hours (6 per day)

In Conjunction with Current Services
For seniors with current Laurus Home Care service packages, post hospital care includes:

  • 2 hour wellness checks as needed
  • Additional escorts


The exercise package includes 30 minutes of a personalized exercise routine, including:

  • Walking
  • Strength exercises
  • Physical therapy prescriptive exercises, and more.

A complimentary safety assessment is done within 48 hours of a senior returning home. This assessment includes checks for:

  • Tripping hazards
  • Oxygen tubing
  • Mobility devices for correct use
  • Bathroom for grab bars, shower chairs and more
  • Bedroom for clutter, pull cord and more
  • Kitchen for throw rugs, accessibility and more
  • Overall housing clutter
  • Necessary lighting
  • Appropriate footwear
  • Spoiled food or beverages

30 Day Post Hospital Care

I’m impressed with their dedication and how they go above and beyond. Their follow through and follow up are top notch. The staff is amazing and the nurse’s response time is outstanding! They are knowledgeable, professional, and provide amazing services! They are my preferred choice in the greater Lansing area.

–Nicki Kelly, LPN

Health and Wellness Director, Brookdale Delta

Hospice Care

Hospice services are available in the home, or wherever you may reside, including hospitals, assisted living communities, and nursing homes. Focusing on providing patient-centric physical, emotional and spiritual support, hospice care is the right choice for those that want to focus on the quality of life, easing pain, discomfort and distress on all levels. Hospice staff assists with day to day duties like grooming and medication management, but most importantly, hospice care allows for undisrupted one-on-one attention so that loved ones can cherish their time together and create lasting memories.

I just wanted to let you know that from our perspective the additional services provided are already making a big difference to mom. Mom tells me about the ladies who visit her during the day “They are all so nice and so helpful”. “I am in a very good place” she tells me.  She says her apartment has been organized and “there is no more meal box mess!!”  Yay!  When I talked with her last night a delightful young lady came in to water her geranium!!  Mom called her “her new best friend!”  I’m grateful knowing she has assistance in the morning and evening. I think she is enjoying her days in a better way. Mom tells me she’s taking escorted walks down the hall everyday. I think that is the single most important event. Since we started this new plan she has been much less confused, has a better understanding of where she is and why. She is calm, more content and overall in a better state – both physically and mentally.   I attribute this improvement to the kind & caring attention of your team. 

My sincere THANK YOU and keep up the good work!  If there is anything I can do or provide for mom just let me know!

–Name Name

Family Member, Daughter

Companion Care

In addition to personal care services, we provide one-on-one care to meet social and emotional needs.
For pricing, care packages or more information, contact us about our companion care services.

One On One Care

Our residents and their families love the personal and individual care they each receive. Not only do I stand behind and support Laurus Hospice as a business partner, I was a family member of two Laurus Hospice patients. My grandparents both had excellent care. I am very picky about the providers that I introduce to our residents and families because I understand the high expectations each of them hold.

Laurus Home Care exceeds those care expectations.

–Randi Tollison MSN, RN, CDP

Wellness Director, Independence Village of Grand Ledge

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